1 Day Kitesurfing Discovery Course


1 Day beginner kite lesson in Phuket

This is a fun day covering similar skills as the first day of the 3 day course does.

This course aims to give you a better understanding of what makes kiteboarding the great sport it is.

You should leave with good knowledge on how the equipment works and you will get into the water flying the kite.

You will also gain skills in rigging and flying a 4 line and/or a ram-air trainer kite.

Your level will be certified with your IKO Member Card at the end of your lesson Kiteboarder Level 1, or when you can successfully move on to the next level of riding!

You can also keep a more in depth record of your development in the Handbook, having your instructor sign off on all individual skills as you master them.


1 day Discovery Lesson (2 – 4 hrs) : 4,000 THB (max 2 students per IKO qualified instructor).

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