Kitebsurfing Guidelines

Kiteboarding way of life – Safety, Respect and Fun!

KBA has built up a solid reputation for safety in Thailand and also in Phuket. Your compliance with the following will help to keep the beach safe and open for kiteboarding. The following kite-guidelines are enforced by the KBA staff around the school area.

Kitesurfers must give right of way to ALL beach users. The sea and the beach belong to everybody!

Be very careful at high tide with the coconut trees and other obstacles.

Do not accept help from non kiteboarders. Please accept that this is a relatively new sport and most people have no idea of the dangers of kiteboarding. Assume everyone on the beach is ignorant, and accept that people will get in your way. It is up to you to educate them in a calm and friendly manner.

Kiteboarders must kite away from KBA students.

Keep Phuket Clean! Please throw finished bottles and other waste in a garbage can. Let coming generations be able to explore Phuket as well. If everyone respects the nature and wildlife on Phuket it will remain a small “paradise” on earth for a long time

Respecting Thai Culture !

Thai people are normally very friendly and have high tolerance. Just remember that if you come from another country, Thai people are very proud of the monarchy and the King and also of course of their religion (about 95% are Buddhists). Also remember that Buddha images, temples etc… are considered holy.

Please enter a temple with respect and wear appropriate clothes (no shorts).

Don’t point your feet to someone while sitting and don’t touch people’s heads. In Phuket and other tourist areas the inhabitants are normally used to western lifestyle, so there are no problems as long as you just show the same “respect” as people show you.

What can affect your kitesurfing pleasure ?

Tides can make your sessions a little bit shorter in Chalong, because at low tide there is no water at all. So check the tides before driving through the entire island to come down here.

Squally / Stormy conditions: The wind in Phuket is best when the weather is clear, no clouds, no rain. When rain comes generally this is associated with bursts of wind / gusty conditions. For your safety and other beach goers, stop kiting as soon as you see dark clouds on the horizon.

Sunshine and having too much fun! Wear plenty of sunscreen and drink plenty of water. The sun and the warm salty water dehydrate you more quickly than you may realize. Force yourself to drink, and you will be able to kite all day.