Getting in Phuket

Up to 10 flights to Phuket from Bangkok per day. One hour flight. 2000 THB/50 US$. Also flights to and from Koh Samui to Krabi, Pattaya, Singapore and Hong Kong.
Buses or train everyday from Bangkok. Tickets can be booked in all travel agencies. 13 to 14 hours trip. VIP night bus or train from Bangkok 900 THB/24US$.

Getting around the island

Phuket map kba phuket

By motorbike

The most common transportation here. From 100 cc (smaller bikes such as; Honda Click, Honda Wave, Honda Dream, Yamaha Nouvo, Yamaha Mio etc), to Harley Davidson.
Prices from 150 THB per day and up. Please use a helmet and drive safely.

By pickup Taxi (Songtaew)

These modified pickup trucks start from early morning until late in the night.
Price: 20-50 Baht, but it’s more expensive after 6 pm. After this time you will have to negotiate the price.

By car

You can rent a jeep or a car.
Prices start from about 700 Baht a day.

By taxi

Convenient! But most of them do not use the taximeter. Ask for the price in advance.