3 Days IKO Kitesurfing Beginners Course

Using the latest IKO teaching methods and new technology equipment, we place a major emphasis on learning to safely rig / land / launch / fly a 4-Line inflatable kite.
We want flying an inflatable kite to become second nature to you. Learn to fly these kites confidently and safely and the board riding will be easier than you would ever expect.
In all our lessons we keep theory to a minimum and placed more emphasis on getting into the water and start practising as soon as possible.
By the end of the 3 days aim to make you an IKO kiteboarder Level 1 and Level 2 in other words – you are now an independant kite boarder.
We teach kite surfing & give equipment information.

The standard course outline will be as follows and emphasizes hands on practice

Day 1: Rigging up a 4 line kite and equipment safety systems, understanding the wind and weather, site assessment and safety, flying a 4-line kite, launching, landing, water re-launching, emergency quick release, self landing, equipment types, safety systems and self rescue.
Day 2: Independently rigging up long lines, flying in the “chicken loop”, flying confidently at the edge of the wind window, rescue techniques, body dragging techniques, self launching techniques, and basic water techniques.
Day 3: Water start techniques, board riding techniques, water re-launch in deep water.


Full 3 days beginner course : 11,000 THB (max 2 students per IKO qualified instructor)

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